8 практических способов пить больше воды

мало жидкости

Water performs many important functions in the body. First of all, it is the main component of the body, which can make up from 45 to 75% of our body weight , it is the environment for all life processes in the body, it is necessary for the proper course of digestion processes.

It has long been known that people drink too little liquid when it gets warmer outside, this becomes especially relevant. What to do to increase the amount of fluid consumed throughout the day without changing your lifestyle. Here are some tips.

A bottle is always at hand

Remember to always carry a small bottle of water with you. It doesn't take up much room in our purse, so we'll be reaching for it more often with occasional sips. It is also worth having a bottle of mineral water at home - it will benefit your loved ones. Let's choose water with a low sodium content, and this is too much for the average Polish diet.

Take small sips with little breaks

At work, we will put a large glass of water on the table, because we often do not have time to take a short break for a glass of water or tea in a busy schedule. Drink often, but in small sips, this will better quench your thirst and allow your body to better absorb the water you drink, and this will affect your concentration.

Size matters

You need to drink tea in large, even half-liter cups, usually they drink it to the end, while it is gone. However, let's not limit ourselves to coffee or strong black tea, because a large amount of liquids, like alcohol, dehydrates our body.

All good things disappear quickly

Let's search for our favorite flavors of green, red, fruit, and white teas - if something is tasty, you'll happily hit it. Lemons , limes, frozen fruit, mint leaves, and other additions will diversify the taste of water and encourage it to drink. On hot days, keep drinks in the refrigerator for better flavor.

Water is not just bottled

Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water content, especially in summer when they are readily available (eg tomatoes, watermelons, strawberries).
Let's not give up on soups, they cook quickly, give a lot of taste and provide water.

night thirst

We leave a glass of water by the bed at night so that it is at hand in case you wake up at night and immediately after waking up. A sip of water at night will help us fall asleep faster and in the morning will allow us to function better, especially at the beginning of the day.

Sports Moisturized

During exercise, do not drink only when thirsty and dry mouth, just give water or if you prefer isotonic drinks systematically, for example, while in the gym or during aerobics.

reminder to myself

If we completely forget about water, let's set reminders on the phone, write the appropriate inscription on the desktop of the computer, or leave reminders in different places.

The lack of water in the body reduces our physical and mental performance by 2-3%, in other words: we get tired faster, our body is more prone to colds, it is difficult for us to concentrate on work, we have weaker concentration.

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