Лучшее время для питья воды


Water, this natural element indispensable for life, is perhaps the gift that people most often lack, despite the fact that 70% of it is part of the human body. Water can form saliva, membranes stay moist and joints flexible, blood is more easily detoxified, body temperature is easier to regulate, and shocks are more easily absorbed and spread, water intake limits the impact of injury. Your body signals your imbalance through the sensations you experience - in this case, thirst , the most convenient motive to get you to drink a glass of water. Here are six times a day when it is recommended to drink water:

In the morning

Drink water in the morning when you wake up. Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning helps cleanse your blood and colon, so it will be much easier to absorb the essential nutrients from your diet and your metabolism will get back on track for the day ahead!

feel tired

Drink water when you feel tired. Fatigue can be a sign of dehydration. So, when you're feeling exhausted but don't have a chance to rest, a glass of water can give you the energy boost to mobilize. However, this does not mean that you can reduce sleep periods - this is important for physical and mental balance.

Before eating

Drink water before meals. When you drink water half an hour before meals, you support the digestion process and the absorption of nutrients. In addition, the taste buds will be better prepared to perceive new tastes without being burdened by previous sensations. Plus, you'll be less tempted to eat a lot because you'll feel full more quickly.

When hungry

Drink water when you are hungry. Hunger can sometimes mask the need for fluids, and some foods can satisfy both hunger and thirst at the same time, such as fruits. However, if you rely more on fruits or vegetables for indirect water extraction, there is a risk of not hydrating properly. The next time you're hungry at your main meal: drink a glass of water and see if you're really thirsty.

Before and after workout

Пейте воду до и после тренировки. Гидратация перед тренировкой поможет телу регулировать температуру, поддерживая кровообращение как при высоких, так и при низких температурах. После тренировки потребление воды восполнит потерю жидкости в виде пота!

Во время болезни

Пейте воду, если вы больны или подвержены воздействию микробов или вирусов. Когда вы больны или находитесь рядом с больными людьми, вы можете помочь организму, потребляя воду, уничтожить вирусы или микробы.

Бутилированная вода "Артемовская"

Не стоит забывать, что большое значение имеет и то, какую воду мы пьем. Она должна быть безопасной для здоровья и вкусной. Таким требованиям отвечает бутилированная вода Компании ТМ "Артемовская". Такую воду можно пить взрослым и детям, она подходит для приготовления напитков и еды.

Take care of your health with water TM "Artemovskaya".

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