Water is of great value to our planet. Life was born in it, thanks to it we can exist together with other living beings. Water is the cradle of the very first living organisms. On Earth, it is presented in the form of various reservoirs, which are the main asset of our planet. Water flows in fast rivers, it fills hundreds of lakes, amazing seas and the deepest oceans.

Water is needed for a full life not only for humans, but also for the animal and plant kingdoms. In every living organism, water occupies most of the flesh. That is why life is absolutely impossible without it. Pure fresh water is a source of health for all living beings. Especially useful is mountain water, which is the purest on Earth.

We encounter water every day, no matter where we are. Thanks to water, we wash our body, wash clothes, cook food, clean the environment. Water is able to quench thirst and support life even in the most extreme conditions. Thanks to water, a person can survive where, it would seem, it is impossible to survive.

Water has a unique nature because it can take on different forms. Thanks to frozen water, the ice of the northern latitudes stores a huge supply of fresh liquid. The ability to turn into ice makes it possible to store water in its purest form. Water can turn into steam, thanks to which clouds appear, and blessed rain falls on the earth. It irrigates the soil, which makes it possible to grow crops.

How nice to sit on the beach or ocean. The water element can heal even the most wounded soul. Water, along with waves, takes away negative energy, freeing a person from a stressful state. It's amazing to watch the sea. The changeable nature of the sea allows you to see powerful storm waves, and sometimes a calm smooth surface. Only water can give a person extraordinary emotions and conflicting feelings.

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